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Alex McIntyre

Alex McIntyre currently lives and works in Hertfordshire, spending time walking, running and drawing at different locations in the UK. She paints from a cow shed on Symondshyde Farm. 

Alex grew up in London. She originally studied English at Birmingham University where she built links with theatre companies and the Birmingham Book Festival. From 2005 - 2007 she studied a Masters in Fine Art at Middlesex University and subsequently held a two-year residency with the sculpture department (2010). Her early work focused on the human form, and included sculptures in clay, fabric, and modelled and carved plaster as well as drawings of dancers and movement.  

In 2014, Alex moved out of London and almost overnight, her practice changed. The figure danced out of her work and was replaced by sky, space, land and weather. This continues to be the focus of her work. She is particularly inspired by light and tries to catch a sense of the feeling of being in the landscape. Her works are not particular places but the memory of experiences, of breath and movement. 

Alex maintains a diverse practice working in the studio and in community settings. Alex held a five year fellowship with Digswell Arts from 2011-2016. Residencies include Brent Museum and Archives (2010-11), English National Ballet (2013), and Watford Museum 2014. She has exhibited widely in the UK and has work in private collections in Europe and the United States.