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Annabel Menheneott

Annabel Menheneott

"The subject matter of my paintings is influenced by the ever changing and evolving landscape which provides me with a library of colour, movement and atmosphere."

Annabel's talent and interest in paintings may have been inherited from her maternal great grandfather, Rowland Hill, a Royal Academician and founder member of the Staithes Group of Artists. The daughter of a Royal Marine, her fathers work enabled the family to travel widely and often live by the sea - an obvious influence of her work.

Now based in Bath, Annabel graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University in 2004. At university she explored different aspects of painting including art as therapy and the structural qualities of paintings. Having studied Theatre Studies she also has a tie and appreciation of theatre and some of her paintings could be seen to encompass theatrical qualities.

Wanting to understand the Art World as an industry, following her degree, Annabel achieved an internship and then a full-time post at Christie's. Four years at the world's leading auction house provided Annabel with an opportunity to see some of the world's most treasured works of art and work with leading specialists of the art world - a unique, privileged, broadening and inspiring experience. Following her career at Christie's and various commissions, Annabel made the move to practice painting full-time.

Her work is in private collections internationally and two of her paintings have been purchased by the prestigious Monaco Yacht Club where they now hang in their permanent collection.

"I enjoy working in acrylic paint as it allows me to work quickly and build up layers creating depth of colour and a range of textures from very thin washes to impasto when the paint appears to come out of the canvas. I like to experiment, applying the paint using various sized palette knives and large brushes which allow me the freedom to create exciting painterly marks which I feel reflect the vibrant characteristics of the coastal environments."

Annabel's paintings communicate an atmosphere; some convey a feeling of emptiness and vastness whilst others suggest a feeling of calm.

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