David Bradford

David's interpretations of ships and boats in wood, are drawn from observations of shipping, that began in the 1950`s. As a child he was able to watch the activity on the Thames, in London, when it was still a working river. In the mid 1960`s as an art student, at Goldsmith's College of Art, he would explore London's docklands making photographs and drawings recording the end of an era. These formative experiences led to a lifelong interest in our maritime history and a fascination for working boat shape and design.

His Seascapes, carved in relief from wood, are off the Sussex coastline where he lives. He also draws upon his observations when sailing in the West Country, Wales and the Western Isles of Scotland. David's carved seascapes are enhanced with a blend of stain and watercolour, that capture the mood and colours of the sea, without detracting from the beauty of the British hardwood panels he carves.

David has worked in film, fashion and Design Education and is a published wildlife photographer. David works from his studio in Sussex for a diverse clientele, from Prime Ministers to Pop musicians. His work is also in National Collections.