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Gordon Hunt

Gordon Hunt

Gordon Hunt was born in Nottingham and has been a practicing Artist and Designer for over thirty years, since leaving college in the early 80s with a degree in Graphic Design. He started his own design company over twenty five years ago. He lived in Cumbria for sixteen years before moving to Cornwall in 2005.

He now paints full time from his art studio at home, in Fowey, along his wife, Heather, who is a full time potter, working from her pottery workshop in the garden. They have two grown up children - still waiting for grand children......

He has always painted, being an Art Society member & selling occasional paintings here and there in various Galleries. In 2010, after surviving a heart attack, he decided it was time to really give painting a chance and try to make that aspiration of being an artist a reality.

Seven years on, his work sells in several galleries across the country, including London, on-line sales are going around the world, east & west coast USA, Australia etc. A large USA interiors retail company now sells prints of his work, artist residencies and commissions mean he is kept very busy to meet the demand. Last year he appeared in one the heats on Sky TV Landscape Artist of the Year.

The move to Cornwall inspired a new style of painting, concentrating on 'painting the light' his images of sunshine and sparkling water evoke a feeling of holidays and well-being, and have become very popular, they resonate with people around the world.

Gordon says 'I am very lucky to have Cornwall as my inspiration, turquoise water and sunshine - what could be better, I love painting it and people love looking at it, I like to think people have a sense of being part of the story or scene I paint'.

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