Heinke Boehnert

Heinke Boehnert belongs to a new generation of artists who have added another dimension to the maritime art world. Inspired by the expressionist painters of the 20th century, she conveys an emotional and sensual reflection of the yachting experience.

The untamed force of wind and water; the dynamic shapes of sails contrasting with the endless horizon; the yachts at full speed; in Heinke's paintings the whole spectrum of impressions made in the world of sailing becomes visible.

She gains her impressions actively participating in international yacht races - her passion ever since her teenage years. She transforms these impressions into large scale paintings with clear strong colours and shapes.

By combining original pre-used sailcloth and many layers of acrylic paint she gives each unique piece her own distinctive style.

For some time now, combining these passions for sailing and art has turned into a profession. Heinke Boehnert is an internationally recognized maritime artist, her work is seen in many well renowned galleries in Europe and overseas