Cathy Golden

Cathy completed a Foundation Course in Art and Design in 2003 focusing on sculpture, followed by a BA in Fine Art Painting and Drawing graduating in 2008.

Many of her paintings focus on abstract landscapes, creating a non-specific scene for viewers to interpret as they choose. Her seascapes represent the feeling of being on the water, painting after all is just a form of storytelling where the story can vary from one viewer to another.

"I love the variety of marks that can express movement and the illusion of depth that layering of paint can produce. My aim is to balance the accidental and deliberate mark making in order to achieve a sense of space and movement, drawing the viewer in.

I enjoy moving between abstract and figurative work and use both oils and acrylics. With oil painting I often start with a charcoal or acrylic under-drawing and with acrylic I use an airbrush for the base layers and glazes on top to maintain a sense of depth. Painting is a journey, a great adventure with many different paths and no predetermined end point. The 'not knowing' is all part of the fun of being an artist."

Cathy divides her time between Cheltenham and Cowes.