Stephen Renard

Stephen was born in Huddersfield, England in 1947.

Although he was interested in art, and clearly gifted artistically from an early age, he chose to go to teachers training college at Liverpool University, concentrating on the sciences.

After an initial career as a teacher, he became a professional portrait artist and supplemented his income as an illustrator of children's comics. In 1981 he bought a boat and developed his love of the sea and sailing. He turned to painting sailing ships and his work quickly became very popular with marine art enthusiasts and art dealers. His work is now in great demand at Kendalls Fine Art in Cowes, UK and throughout the world in auction houses.

Stephen Renard is presently regarded as one of the world's leading painters of yachting subjects and is widely acknowledged as one of the most rapidly rising commercial successes in this field. His work continues to be in constant demand from collectors and dealers and his painstakingly accurate oils have continued to be sound investments.

Although he works mainly to commission his work can be found at Kendalls Fine Art, Cowes.