Frauke Klatt

Frauke Klatt was born in Luebeck, Germany on 7th July 1957. She was educated at the University of Hamburg and she is married with three sons. Frauke has been a keen sailor for the past 40 years.

In 1992 she discovered a unique watercolour painting technique which allows watercolour to be used on sailcloth. The paint is permanent and does not fade or rub off. To test the technique, Frauke painted on the back of a sailing jacket which she has worn when sailing her yacht for several years in all weather conditions. The image is still as good as when it was first painted. Frauke also paints in acrylic to which she often adds sand to enhance the wild and stormy mood of many of her paintings in this medium.

Frauke is very well known in Germany where her paintings are in great demand. She has exhibited throughout the country and her paintings form part of many public and private collections. In 2000 she held her first solo show in the UK, a sell-out exhibition at Kendall's Fine Art. Further successful exhibitions have been held in Cowes, London and the USA each year.